We love BGP communities

We using heavily BGP communities to control our traffic between PoPs, regions, locations and customers. All communties are large BGP communities. Extended communties are not used.

Community String Type / Description Locations
212895:0:1 Router oslo1.no global
212895:0:2 Router ams1.nl global
212895:0:3 Router dus1.de global
212895:0:4 Router dus2.de global
212895:0:5 Router fra1.de global
212895:0:6 Router van1.ca global
212895:0:7 Router fra2.de global
212895:0:8 Router kcm1.us global
212895:0:9 Router ams2.nl global
212895:0:10 Router sin1.sg global
212895:0:11 Router pom1.it global
212895:1:1 Routes from transit providers global
212895:1:2 Routes from transit providers / not for downstreams global
212895:100:1 Transit AS56655 global
212895:100:2 Transit AS50673 global
212895:100:3 Transit AS6939 global
212895:100:4 Transit AS29632 global
212895:100:5 Transit AS56630 global
212895:100:6 Transit AS50058 global
212895:100:7 Transit AS8849 global
212895:100:8 Transit AS212271 global
212895:200:1 Transit routes from Frankfurt, DE global
212895:200:2 Transit routes from Amsterdam, NL global
212895:200:3 Transit routes from Düsseldorf, DE global
212895:200:4 Transit routes from München, DE global
212895:200:5 Transit routes from Hamburg, DE global
212895:200:6 Transit routes from Oslo, NO global
212895:200:7 Transit routes from Vancouver, CA global
212895:200:8 Transit routes from Kansas City, US global
212895:200:9 Transit routes from Singapore, SG global
212895:200:10 Transit routes from Pomezia, IT global
212895:2:1 Routes from direct peerings global
212895:200:ASN Routes from direct peerings global
212895:3:1 Routes from Internet Exchanges global
212895:300:1 Routes from Internet Exchanges: LocIX FRA Frankfurt, DE
212895:300:2 Routes from Internet Exchanges: UNM Vancouver, CA
212895:300:3 Routes from Internet Exchanges: Speed-IX NL Amsterdam, NL
212895:300:4 Routes from Internet Exchanges: KleyRex Frankfurt, DE
212895:300:5 Routes from Internet Exchanges: LocIX DUS Düsseldorf, DE
212895:300:6 Routes from Internet Exchanges: NL-IX Frankfurt, DE
212895:300:7 Routes from Internet Exchanges: DE-CIX DUS Düsseldorf, DE
212895:300:8 Routes from Internet Exchanges: DE-CIX MUN München, DE
212895:300:9 Routes from Internet Exchanges: DE-CIX HAM Hamburg, DE
212895:300:10 Routes from Internet Exchanges: FSIX Oslo, NO
212895:300:11 Routes from Internet Exchanges: ROPN-IX Bukarest, RO
212895:300:12 Routes from Internet Exchanges: Seattle IX Seattle, US
212895:300:13 Routes from Internet Exchanges: ERA-IX Amsterdam, NL
212895:4:1 Routes from premium transit providers global
212895:4:2 Routes from bulk transit providers global
212895:4:3 Routes from transit without AS-SET validation global
212895:5:1 Direct peers / for downstreams global
212895:5:2 Direct peers / not for downstreams global
212895:555:0 Validated IPv4 customer routes global
212895:555:1 Validated IPv6 customer routes global
212895:556:1 RPKI validated customer route with state valid global
212895:556:2 RPKI validated customer route with state not found global
212895:556:3 RPKI validated customer route with state invalid global
212895:600:1 Received routes from Frankfurt, DE Frankfurt, DE
212895:600:2 Received routes from Düsseldorf, DE Düsseldorf, DE
212895:600:3 Received routes from Oslo, NO Oslo, NO
212895:600:4 Received routes from Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam, NL
212895:600:5 Received routes from München, DE München, DE
212895:600:6 Received routes from Hamburg, DE Hamburg, DE
212895:600:7 Received routes from Vancouver, CA Vancouver, CA
212895:600:8 Received routes from Kansas City, US Kansas City, US
212895:600:9 Received routes from Singapore, SG Singapore, SG
212895:600:10 Received routes from Bukarest, RO Bukarest, RO
212895:600:11 Received routes from Seattle, US Seattle, US
212895:600:12 Received routes from Pomezia, IT Pomezia, IT
212895:700:0 Learned via IBGP route reflectors Region all global
212895:700:1 Learned via IBGP route reflectors Region Europe Europe
212895:700:2 Learned via IBGP route reflectors Region North America North America
212895:700:3 Learned via IBGP route reflectors Region Asia Asia
212895:1:666 Blackhole community global
65500:212895:1 Block advertisment in Europe global
65500:212895:2 Block advertisment in Americas global
65500:212895:3 Block advertisment in Asia global
65500:212895:1000 Block advertisment to AS56655 Oslo, NO
65500:212895:1001 Block advertisment to AS56655 Amsterdam, NL

We are doing strict RPKI filtering from routes that we receiving from our customer peers. Validated routes are tagged with large community 212895:556:1 & 212895:555:1 and distributed to our peers, downstreams and upstreams.