We love BGP communities

We using heavily BGP communities to control our traffic between PoPs, regions, locations and customers. All communties are large BGP communities. Extended communties are not used.

Community String Type / Description Locations
212895:1:1 Routes from transit providers global
212895:1:100 Routes from transit providers at Frankfurt Frankfurt
212895:1:101 Routes from transit providers OpenFactory Frankfurt
212895:2:1 Routes from direct peerings global
212895:3:1 Routes from Internet Exchanges global
212895:3:900 Routes from Internet Exchanges: LONAP London, UK
212895:3:901 Routes from Internet Exchanges: LINX LON1 London, UK
212895:4:1 Routes from premium transit providers global
212895:555:0 Validated IPv4 customer routes global
212895:555:1 Validated IPv6 customer routes global
212895:556:1 RPKI validated customer route with state valid global
212895:556:2 RPKI validated customer route with state not found global
212895:556:3 RPKI validated customer route with state invalid global

We are doing strict RPKI filtering from routes that we receiving from our customer peers. Validated routes are tagged with large community 212895:556:1 & 212895:555:1 and distributed to our peers, downstreams and upstreams.